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My sweetest clients, the Washburn's wrote this charming poem about their decorating experience with me., aka Fancy Nancy

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Come Aboard with Fancy Nancy

                    By Lynn

Is your ship a little shipwrecked?
Are you bored with navy & gray?
Would you like a splash of color 
Just to brighten your day?
No need to be antsy 
Just take a chance on Nancy,
Also, little, sailor sunshine 
Will gladly guide the way.
So come aboard with Nancy,
and join her crafty crew;
Her platelets filled with colors 
to make your dreams come true.
Her ship is terra-cotta, 
and turquoise fills the hold;

The sails are trimmed with silk,
and the mast is painted gold

So open up your portholes,
Let the wind blow in your sails;
Go fly again with dolphins,
and soar again with whales!

Just come aboard with Nancy, and magic fills your life;
At least - that's what happened,
to me and my wife.

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