• I was born and raised in San Francisco in the 1950s


    I wore white gloves when I went to lunch and shopping with my Mom


    I am still best friends with my grammar school girlfriend, Janice

  • I graduated from

    The University of San Francisco, with a Bachelor of Science in Business 


    At 30, I decided to follow my dream of becoming an

    interior designer.

    I studied at the esteemed 

    Fashion Institute of Design in

    San Francisco.


    I launched NMA Design 

    upon graduation.


  • I moved from California to Connecticut. Once on the East Coast, I launched a PR firm promoting designers, and I released

    "Decorator Show Houses" a coffee table book. It became a top seller in London.


    My career took a fascinating turn when I became a photo stylist for national lifestyle magazines, i.e., Better Homes and Gardens, Traditional Homes, House Beautiful, and HGTV.


  • I now live in Colorful Colorado.

    Still, after 20 plus years away from my home town, I revisit my San Francisco roots on nearly a daily basis through sharing my love of beautiful living.  I have taken all my interests and melded them into

    The Idea Group, a Social Club and Interior Design Firm.